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Matti Savijärvi, Finnish unique 1920's root table

Matti Savijärvi, Finnish unique 1920's root table

This 1920's root table by Finnish designer Matti Savijärvi embodies his signature organic design aesthetic. Crafted from natural wood, the table's root-inspired base creates a truly unique and sculptural look. The intricate details of the table's form showcase Savijärvi's dedication to celebrating the beauty of natural materials. This vintage piece is not only a functional piece of furniture, but also a work of art that adds character and charm to any interior space. With its timeless design and handcrafted quality, this Matti Savijärvi root table is a must-have for vintage furniture enthusiasts.
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    Designer: Matti savijärvi

    Producer: n/a

    Country: Finland

    Year: 1920's

    Material: wooden root

    Size: W67 D51 H68

    Condition: consistent with age and use, great patina

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