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Paavo Tynell, rare 1940's desk lamp

Paavo Tynell, rare 1940's brass table lamp for Taito Oy

Introducing the Paavo Tynell rare 1940's desk lamp, a true gem for vintage lighting enthusiasts. This exquisite lamp features Tynell's signature craftsmanship and attention to detail, with its elegant brass base and a delicate, cone-shaped shade. The lamp's timeless design and warm, ambient glow make it a perfect addition to any home office or study. As a rare find from the 1940s, this desk lamp is sure to be a conversation starter and a cherished piece for any collector of vintage lighting. Illuminate your space with the timeless beauty and impeccable quality of the Paavo Tynell rare 1940's desk lamp.
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    Designer: Paavo Tynell

    Model: 9212

    Producer: Taito oy

    Country: Finland

    Year: 1940's

    Material: brass, wrapped leather

    Size: W30 H50 D 15 cm

    Condition: consistent with age and use

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